Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


(Featuring my partner X)

I didn’t really get into video games until I was an adult, probably because the games my parents bought when we were kids (for our Sega Genesis) were NOTHING like the kinds of games I like now.  Anyway, I’m sorta obsessed with BotW right now.
And yes, my Link is a trans boy who is dating a giant shark prince.

Transcript below:

Panel 1
X: I think you’ll really like this game, RF.
RF: It looks cool, X.

Panel 2
RF: Ah! He’s so cute! He’s totes a trans boy!
X: Haha, my Link is a trans girl!

Panel 3
RF: This game is so gender-affirming! Everyone calls him boy or young man right away!
(in game)
???: Boy…

Panel 4
RF: Okay, now I get it! Shark boyfriend is amazing!
(in game)
Prince Sidon: Have I told you how incredible you are?

Panel 5
X: Baby, you’ve been playing for over 48 hours…
X: Maybe you should take a break?

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