June is Pride Month


Pride weekend starts on June 1st here!  I had surgery just before Pride last year, and couldn’t participate, sadface.
But anyway, my goal is to run queer-themed comics all month, in recognition of Pride.  And I don’t want to turn this commentary into a lecture or anything, but there won’t be very many “yay, Pride is a celebration of all the things we’ve won, go us!” comics, because we still have kind of a long way to go …
But anyway, I love you all, especially my LGBTQIA+ family out there.

(Also, this is where I bought the shirt I’m wearing in the comic, and this is where I got my binder.)

Transcript after the jump.
Panel 1:
Banner: Happy Pride 2018
Sign: PRIDE is a PROTEST not a PARTY

Panel 2:
RF: In addition to Pride, it was recently the one-year anniversary of a gender-affirming surgery.

Panel 3:
RF: Happy Pride to all my LGBTQIA+ family!


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