Anger & Non-Men


CW: casual bigotry, including sexist terms, racism, especially ableism, hella sexism

A recent argument with my dad in which he called me “too sensitive” prompted this comic, a portrait of why non-men (women, enbies and others) are getting so pissed off lately.  Especially with people who tell us to calm down.

Transcript below the jump.

Panel 1:
Mean Girl: Oh, you’re bitchy today, are you on your period?

Panel 2:
Street Harrassing Truck Driver: Smile!

Panel 3:
Schrodinger’s Bigot: Calm down, it was just a joke! Learn to lighten up!

Panel 4:
I Just Want To Discuss This Rationally: You’re getting too emotional. We can talk about this more once you’ve calmed down.

Panel 5:
One of the Good Ones (aka You’re Not Like Other Girls): I’m glad you’re so down to earth and chill, nothing like my crazy ex!

Panel 6:
Distracted From The Real Issues: Ugh, all these people choosing to be offended by nothing!

Panel 7:
Blatant Ableism: You’re really irritable, have you taken your meds?

Panel 8:
Literally All White People: Just another angry black woman!

Panel 9:
Last Man I Dated: You’re so cute when you’re mad!

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