Bedtime Routine (part two)

this is literally every night. Tokyo has many tricks up her sleeves for getting my attention, and I really think she’s just concerned about how much sleep I get.

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Bedtime Routine (part one)

04.19.19 (fs)

I’m sure this will end well!

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04.05.19 (full size)

this actually happened to me a couple months ago, and holy shit did it fuck me up … I was completely out of some of my meds for weeks, and I was in too much pain (ETC) to work, and I learned all sorts of fun things about the withdrawal symptoms of my meds …

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I wrote the script for this a few weeks ago, actually, and the phone appointment, wherein I can actually apply for disability, is tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

I’ve been so frozen by overwhelm and stress and fear that I’ve been sitting on this comic for weeks, just because I couldn’t bring myself to finish it, because then I’d have to publish it, and then maybe what I’m saying in it is true, maybe I’m just done making comics … and that made me so sad.

So, I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m going to try to keep making comics, even when it’s scary, though “weekly” might not be a thing I can guarantee anymore

Kitty Love


My cat is a butt, but she’s also the best cat.

Quick Update

I recently began the process of applying for disability.  I’ll probably make comics about it, but it’s such a long and drawn out process that there’s really not much to say about it right now.

Anyway, because it’s such a long and drawn out process, and because my current job does not pay me enough to live and because I still somehow make “too much money” for most government benefits, I am considering attempting to work full-time.

I cannot work full-time and maintain any kind of social/artistic life.  I can barely maintain “doing necessary chores” when I’m that exhausted.  I hate asking for help, but if this comic means anything to you, and it is at all possible for you, I ask that you consider supporting me via one of these options:

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I am doing my best to try to support myself, but capitalism sucks, ableism sucks, and sometimes we all need a little help.  Thank you for checking out my comic so far.

To Bind or Not To Bind


Chronic pain + binding is … a thing.  Sometimes I can do it, and sometimes everything is terrible.

Tattoos and Sleep Studies oh my

(Content: semi-indepth description of my sleep study, brief chat about The Chronic

Brief apologies + wtf’s been going on in my life (the condensed version*).  My site already says that I update as spoons allow, so technically it’s not a big deal that I couldn’t get a comic up this week.  But I was looking forward to this week’s comic, so I’m sad it has to wait a week.
Anyway, several things have conspired to delay my comic, so I thought I’d share some of it with you.
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What’s Wrong with RF?



CW: sui ideation
Just a brief introduction to the various things that make my day to day a bit harder for me. I’ll definitely talk more about all this stuff later on, especially in the context of disability and poverty …