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05.10.19 FS

This comic brought to you by the one time I had to caption “wipe your ass like a woman”.

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Tree Sex

04.12.19 (full size)

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Straight “Pride”


(Yes, that’s what I assume all cishets think, constantly.)

Anyway, yes this comic is a bit salty, but Pride Month tends to bring out the worst in cishets (the way International Women’s Day tends to bring out the worst in men–and yes, there is an International Men’s Day, not that you care about that any day but March 8)

Obligatory reminder that Pride exists because LGBTQIA+ folks have needed to demand our human rights, not because we’re getting special treatment.  Also, if none of what I’ve said applies to you, then it’s not aimed at you.

June is Pride Month


Pride weekend starts on June 1st here!  I had surgery just before Pride last year, and couldn’t participate, sadface.
But anyway, my goal is to run queer-themed comics all month, in recognition of Pride.  And I don’t want to turn this commentary into a lecture or anything, but there won’t be very many “yay, Pride is a celebration of all the things we’ve won, go us!” comics, because we still have kind of a long way to go …
But anyway, I love you all, especially my LGBTQIA+ family out there.

(Also, this is where I bought the shirt I’m wearing in the comic, and this is where I got my binder.)

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