05.17.19 (fs)

I really really hated that job

please consider donating to help me survive the next couple months



I don’t even know what to say right now …



I wrote the script for this a few weeks ago, actually, and the phone appointment, wherein I can actually apply for disability, is tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

I’ve been so frozen by overwhelm and stress and fear that I’ve been sitting on this comic for weeks, just because I couldn’t bring myself to finish it, because then I’d have to publish it, and then maybe what I’m saying in it is true, maybe I’m just done making comics … and that made me so sad.

So, I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m going to try to keep making comics, even when it’s scary, though “weekly” might not be a thing I can guarantee anymore

Quick Update

I recently began the process of applying for disability.  I’ll probably make comics about it, but it’s such a long and drawn out process that there’s really not much to say about it right now.

Anyway, because it’s such a long and drawn out process, and because my current job does not pay me enough to live and because I still somehow make “too much money” for most government benefits, I am considering attempting to work full-time.

I cannot work full-time and maintain any kind of social/artistic life.  I can barely maintain “doing necessary chores” when I’m that exhausted.  I hate asking for help, but if this comic means anything to you, and it is at all possible for you, I ask that you consider supporting me via one of these options:

  • a monthly subscription via Patreon gets you access to early sketches and more things
  • a one-time gift via PayPal or Venmo

I am doing my best to try to support myself, but capitalism sucks, ableism sucks, and sometimes we all need a little help.  Thank you for checking out my comic so far.

Food Banks


First: thanks for being patient with me while my hiatus-due-to-being-stressed-out stretched longer than ADHD brain (notoriously bad at calculating time) thought it would.
Second: the color will come, I just really wanted to get this up today.
Third: yes, I wear glasses, I just don’t feel confident drawing them.

Terrible Advice for Poor People

Comic12 (WP)

The Internet appears to be STUFFED with advice about money, most of which is only useful for a certain subset of humanity.  For people who are actually poor, useful advice is really hard to find …