05.17.19 (fs)

I really really hated that job

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Reader Question

05.10.19 FS

This comic brought to you by the one time I had to caption “wipe your ass like a woman”.

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Bedtime Routine (part two)

this is literally every night. Tokyo has many tricks up her sleeves for getting my attention, and I really think she’s just concerned about how much sleep I get.

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04.05.19 (full size)

this actually happened to me a couple months ago, and holy shit did it fuck me up … I was completely out of some of my meds for weeks, and I was in too much pain (ETC) to work, and I learned all sorts of fun things about the withdrawal symptoms of my meds …

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Forest Lake Travel Agency

03.15.19 FS

Yes, this comic def exists because I heard someone say “Forest Lake Travel Agency”, and this is the first place my brain went.

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Never Trust the TSA

03.08.19 (full size)

Pretty sure he just wanted to eat my gummy bears …

Hey! I’m (hopefully) back!  I have a few comics lined up with my new look: colored pencils and hand-lettering, because the other way took a lot of computer time, which required me to be at home, whereas, I can do most of the comic work now at work, or otherwise not at home.
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AroSpec Awareness Week

aro1 (full size)

got a special comic for Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week, which is the week after Valentine’s Day



I don’t even know what to say right now …