Quick Update

I recently began the process of applying for disability.  I’ll probably make comics about it, but it’s such a long and drawn out process that there’s really not much to say about it right now.

Anyway, because it’s such a long and drawn out process, and because my current job does not pay me enough to live and because I still somehow make “too much money” for most government benefits, I am considering attempting to work full-time.

I cannot work full-time and maintain any kind of social/artistic life.  I can barely maintain “doing necessary chores” when I’m that exhausted.  I hate asking for help, but if this comic means anything to you, and it is at all possible for you, I ask that you consider supporting me via one of these options:

  • a monthly subscription via Patreon gets you access to early sketches and more things
  • a one-time gift via PayPal or Venmo

I am doing my best to try to support myself, but capitalism sucks, ableism sucks, and sometimes we all need a little help.  Thank you for checking out my comic so far.

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