Tattoos and Sleep Studies oh my

(Content: semi-indepth description of my sleep study, brief chat about The Chronic

Brief apologies + wtf’s been going on in my life (the condensed version*).  My site already says that I update as spoons allow, so technically it’s not a big deal that I couldn’t get a comic up this week.  But I was looking forward to this week’s comic, so I’m sad it has to wait a week.
Anyway, several things have conspired to delay my comic, so I thought I’d share some of it with you.

Last night I had a sleep study!  It was awkward and invasive and uncomfortable and I got misgendered, and there were wires gently brushing my skin (yuck), and the technician was weirdly insensitive to light to the point she thought I could sleep with a reading lamp on, and she thought I would need the overhead light to see by …


Image: mirror selfie of a person in a gray shirt with lots of wires taped all over their head, and a grumpy expression on their face

This photo was when they woke me up at three in the morning to fit sleep masks on me to see which one I would like best (spoiler, none of them, but there were two that didn’t make me feel like I was suffocating as much), so then I could sleep for another 3 hours with a sleep mask.


Image: same person as above, close up on face, spotted with adhesive, still grumpy

This morning around 6:45am, which is way too godsdamn early for me, they woke me up and pulled off all the wires and set me free … I came home and wrote this, and when I’m done, I’m washing off all this goop, and then taking a nap.
And then, I’m fixing a mistake I made earlier this week, which brings me to the second thing that went wrong this week:

I scanned my comic wrong! So, I draw the lineart on 9″x12″ sheets of paper, then take them to the library to scan, then take the digital file home and clean it up, then color and add words on my computer.
NORMALLY, I have a flash drive I bring with me to save the scan to.  This week, I did not have my flash drive with me when I went to the library.  So I emailed it to myself, which is an option I’ve seen but never used.
Turns out, when you do that, it scans to a smaller resolution.  I tried working on it at that resolution, but alas, I couldn’t do it.  It was too small … and then I didn’t have time to rescan it before the aforementioned sleep study.
Part of the reason I’ve been so flaky this last week is:

I finally got my tattoo finished!!


Image: a person’s torso, with two tattoos, with a small surgical scar in between them. On the person’s lower righthand stomach, a constellation tattoo.  In the center, a large phoenix tattoo, colored in reds and oranges, still scabbing over in places.

I started this tattoo just over two years ago, and a combination of bad luck and a lot of life changes made it so I couldn’t finish it for nearly two years.
So!  Super awesome that it’s finally finished, but the chronic fatigue has gotten worse over the last two years, and this tattoo (despite being a shorter session than the first two sessions) wiped me out.  I was not at all prepared for how wiped out I was, because I’d already had two sessions with this tattoo, and I thought I knew what to expect.  That is a new reminder of ways that my life/body have changed …

Anyway, long blog post, and I promise I will have a new comic up for you all next Thursday.


* You want the full version, I’ll need comfort food, an entire bottle of wine, all of my handkerchiefs, and probably 5 or 6 hours of your time, so … be grateful this is a weekly comic.

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